Golden Empire Camp Fire Clubs

Tell Me More About Camp Fire Clubs

Our programs are built around sound youth development principles. The focus of our curriculum is based on asset building – helping youth become healthy, caring, principled and productive adults.

Camp Fire believes that the small group atmosphere is the best way to help children learn and focus on positive youth development outcomes. All Camp Fire club programs offer children activities that are age-appropriate, fun and will result in the accumulation of assets that will lead to productive, healthy lives.

The Camp Fire Club program is organized in many ways. Generally this is a small group program which meets with youth of similar ages. The club may meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly over a school year (generally September – May). Many clubs meet evenings or on weekends so that working parents can participate. The program has volunteer leaders who receive training and support from volunteer mentors.

Club Program Content:
Camp Fire has developed national program standards and materials that thread together Camp Fire’s core values and research-based scales for quality assessment that are incorporated into all programs.

Camp Fire Curriculum Levels:

  • Little Stars: Preschool
  • Starflight: Kindergarten through second grade
  • Adventure: Third through fifth grade
  • Discovery: Sixth through eighth grade
  • Horizon: Ninth through twelfth grade

The Wohelo Medallion is the highest youth achievement level in Camp Fire.

Starting or Joining a Camp Fire Club

Growing up takes a lifetime, but your child gets a “head start” as a part of a Camp Fire group. Our program is operated by volunteers and is a family focused program that encourages parents to participate.

“How are New Groups formed?”
New groups are formed when two or more interested adults agree to work together as club leaders.
Interested parents submit an interest form to the office, and a volunteer will contact them about when an orientation meeting is scheduled in their area.
At the orientation meeting, parents receive information and materials that will help them to form a new club.
When two adults have signed up to form a new club, a training meeting is held to help them get their club started.
A volunteer mentor is assigned to help answer their questions throughout the year.

“How much time will Camp Fire take?”
When your child joins a Camp Fire club, you become part of the team dedicated to providing a safe and high quality experience for your child.
The parents meet with the dedicated leaders to determine how often and when the club will meet. Depending on the age of the group, and what kind of activity is planned, meetings generally last 1½ to 2 hours.
Parents are asked to share some of the duties, such as planning a field trip, sharing a skill or interest at a meeting, providing a healthy snack, or holding a meeting in their home.
Your child needs all the time you can give.

“How much does it cost?”
The annual program fee for one child is $60. At least one adult must register with the child for $25. There is a family membership for $95 that covers 2 parents, 1 child in the program (additional children in the program are each $60), and any younger siblings who may attend with the family.

“Can my child join an existing club?”
It may be very difficult to find a club to match the age and program level of your child. It is up to the leaders of the existing clubs as to whether they can accommodate another child.

The best outcome for your child may depend upon you helping us find two or more friends who are willing to start a new club.

Camp Fire Golden Empire is committed to growing new club programs in the following service areas:
Sacramento Area: Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yolo counties
Bay Area: Solano, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties


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