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Rent Camp Gold Hollow

Camp Gold Hollow is available for rent when it is not in use for Camp Fire programs. At 2500 feet of elevation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just outside Nevada City, California, the camp has four distinct seasons - warm, sunny swimming weather during the summer months, beautiful golden leaves in fall, a light dusting of snow in winter, and new green leaves in spring.

During the late spring, summer and early fall, a group of 100 can enjoy hiking, swimming and boating during the day, evening camp fires, sleeping under the stars on camp cots, taking hot showers in our bathhouses, and eating meals in the rustic lodge equipped with a full commercial kitchen.

In the late fall, winter and early spring, the cozy lodge is a perfect place for groups of up to 75 to hold an all-day retreat, taking a break from time to time for a walk in the woods to enjoy the scenery. The nurse’s cabin is available for indoor sleeping all year round.

Camp Gold Hollow is a 90-minute drive from downtown Sacramento and two and a half hour drive from the Bay Area.

How To Rent Camp Gold Hollow

Complete the Inquiry for Site Rental (link below) and either email to or mail to Camp Fire Golden Empire, 401 Amador St. Vallejo, CA 95688.

Once rental dates and rates are confirmed, you will receive an Offer to rent the site letter with the rental agreement, which must be signed and return within 10 days of the offer with a check made out to Camp Fire Golden Empire for 1/3 the full rental rate. This will confirm your reservation.

Additional $400.00 cleaning fee. Note: This fee is in the form of a separate check and held until after using the camp.

Download the inquiry for Gold Hollow rentals here

For more information contact Roberta at 707-643-4573.

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