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Joining Fire Tenders is a way to demonstrate your continuing support for increasing opportunities for children in Northern California to find their spark! through Camp Fire.

How to Enroll:
Your prior support of Camp Fire Golden Empire, home of Camp Gold Hollow, was the inspiration for forming Fire Tenders, a philanthropic group of individuals willing to commit to a yearly donation of $100 or more. As an individual, it may be difficult to feel that your contribution can have a very large impact, but as a group, we can make a difference that we may not have thought possible. We invite you to the Fire!

With your first contribution of $100 or more, you will be joining 99 Camp Fire “Fire Tenders” who feel passionately about ensuring that children in Northern California can experience Camp Fire programs that help them prepare for life. Your annual support will ensure that Camp Fire can grow into the future, expanding our out-of-school programs and providing new experiences for youth of all ages. And best of all, we will be able to continue our wonderful Camp Gold Hollow traditions at Lake Vera.

No need to fill out lengthy forms, we'll do that for you from the information on your check or your PayPal payment. Just add the words "Fire Tenders" to the notes for either option.


There is a world outside that too many children never get to experience. Your gift is needed to open the outdoors and light the fire within!
To make a donation of a Campership or two, Scroll down and either donate via PayPal with the note "Campership" or mail a check to the address below.


The on-line auction is an opportunity for Camp Fire to raise funds from outside our core community. A successful auction depends on getting a wide variety of auction items. You can help us by seeking donations from businesses, organizations, wineries, golf courses, travel agencies…let your imagination soar! If you know of someone with an item, or outdoor experience, or cabin (etc.) to donate, click on the donation form and pass it on. We will thank you and the donor.
Click Here For The Auction Donation Form


The lodge at Camp Gold Hollow is coming up on its 90th anniversary! Like many of us, as we grow older it is patch, patch, PATCH! Your financial or in-kind donation of skilled labor or materials will help maintain Camp Gold Hollow for future generations.
For more information email:


For $25 you can become an Adult Member of Camp Fire Golden Empire. Your membership allows you to become a voting partner, and to participate in the active operations of the council.
Click Here For The Adult Membership Form


There are two ways to pay and/or donate directly:


Make Payments by Check:

Send a check payable to Camp Fire Golden Empire to;
Camp Fire Golden Empire
401 Amador Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
Please note reason for the donation.

Make Payments by PayPal:

All gifts to Camp Fire Golden Empire are recognized with a thank you letter and our tax exempt number for your tax records.


Other Ways To Make A Difference...


Our Amazon Wish List:

Gold Hollow Wish List:

Canoe paddles
Washer and Dryer
Small life jackets
Pancake batter dispenser
Axe & Yard Tools
Commercial hot water heater
Garden rakes
Home-size refrigerator
Garden loppers
Camp mattresses and cots

Donate 5% When You Shop:

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within